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Oysters Rockefeller  $10.99
Fresh spinach, garlic parmesan

Clams Casino  $9.99
Bacon,garlic, panko, seasoned bread crumbs, cheese

Sauteed  Littleneck  Clams  $9.99
Garlic butter, white wine

Imperial Stuffed Mushroom Caps  $10.99
Backfin imperial

Blackened Sea Scallops  $9.99
Raspberry sauce

Mini Crab Cakes  $9.99
Served with crostini, tarter, lemon

Shrimp Cocktail  $9.99
Served with cocktail, lemon

Buffalo Fried Oysters  $10.99
Hand breaded, fried, buffalo, bleu cheese

Corn Fritters  $7.99
Served with sweet and tangy sauce

Crab Dip  $9.99
Loaded with crab, served with crostini

Calamari "Fries"  $7.99
Remoulade Sauce

Soups & Salads

Roasted Corn & Crab Chowder
House-made, local corn
Cup  $3.99        Bowl  $5.99

Maryland Crab
Tomato based, garden veg
Cup  $3.99        Bowl  $5.99

NE Clam Chowder
Chopped clams, cream base
Cup  $3.99        Bowl  $5.99

Boston Bibb Wedge Salad  $7.99
Bacon, tomato Bleu cheese

Baby Spinach Salad
Bacon, red onion, tomato, bleu cheese

Classic Caesar  $5.99
Shredded parmesan

Garden Salad  $4.99
Crisp lettuce, garden veg

Dressing Choices:
Ranch | Pepper Parmesan | Blue Cheese
Thousand Island | Italian | French | Raspberry Vinaigrette


Served with choice of two sides…
Baked potato, roasted red potatoes, garden salad, house baked beans, cole slaw, corn on the cob, veg of the day.

St Louis Ribs
Slowly smoked over Hickory for 4 hours
Dry or wet sauce finish over open flame
Half rack  $17.99     Full Rack  $22.99

Beef Brisket  $16.99
BBQ dry rub, Redds Apple Ale marinated, slowly smoked over apple chips

 Half Smoked Chicken  $14.99
Light BBQ brine, smoked over apple, grill finish

Pulled BBQ Pork  $11.99
Redds Apple Ale brined, smoked

Raw Bar

Oysters on the Half Shell
6/ $9.99          12/ $18.99

Clams on the Half Shell
6/ $7.99          12/ $14.99

Ahi Tuna  $10.99
Light sear, seaweed salad, soy glaze, wasabi


Southern Boys Crab Cake 
(1) $22.99     (2) $26.99
Jumbo lump, house signature recipe

Seafood Norfolk  $23.99
Shrimp, scallops, crab over pasta
Tarragon, garlic butter sauce

Jumbo Fried Shrimp  $21.99
Panko hand-breaded, fried

NY Strip  $24.99
12oz hand cut, seasoned and grilled, finished with house steak butter

Smokehouse Combo  $18.99
1/3 rack of ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork BBQ

Red Roost Fried Chicken  $15.99
Our own secret recipe since 1974!
4 pieces

Crab Imperial  $21.99
Jumbo lump backfin in our creamy imperial sauce

Scallops  $21.99
Half pound, broiled or fried

Seafood Platter  $27.99
Shrimp, scallops, catch of the day, crab cake

Baked Stuffed Shrimp  $21.99
Crab stuffed, panko hand-breaded and baked

For Two

Red Roost Crab Pot  $59.99
Two garden salads, four pieces fried chicken, dozen steamed clams, pound of steamed shrimp, two ears of corn, and half dozen steamed crabs

Red Roost Lobster Pot 
Two garden salads, four pieces fried chicken, dozen steamed clams, pound of steamed shrimp, two ears of corn, two large lobsters

All U Can Eat / Enjoy

All Specials are served with:
Fried Shrimp | Clam Strips | Fried Chicken | French Fries | Hush Puppies | Corn on the Cob
All You Can Eat Specials are for the Individual who ordered and we ask that they not be shared.
Those sharing items will be charged accordingly.  No Doggie Bags.

Steamed Crabs  $37.99

Single Specials
Fried Chicken  $18.99
Steamed Shrimp  $35.99
Snow Crabs  $44.99

Double Specials
Crab & Shrimp  $41.99
Snow Crab & Crab  $46.99

Steamed Crabs By The Dozen
Market Price

Whole Lobster by the Pound
Market Price

Just Enough
When you're feeling like you don’t want ALL you can eat, but you do want a bit of it all…  Includes a touch of all the trimmings

Crabs (5)  $27.99
Shrimp (1 lb)  $26.99
Snow Crab Legs (1 lb)  $28.99



Specialty Draft Beers
Evolution Primal Pale Ale
Evolution Lot #3 IPA
Evolution (Seasonal)

Domestic Draft Beers
Redds Apple Ale
Coors Light
Bud Light
Miller Lite

Bottled Beers

"Mgr" Special | Evolution Lucky 7 Porter

Stout | Guiness

Wheat Beer | Blue Moon

Euro Pale Lager | Heineken

Macro Lagers | Budweiser, Corona Extra, National Bohemian

Light Lagers | Miller Lite, Natural Light, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra

Non-Alcoholic | O'Doul's


Red Rooster (*40th Anniversary Drink*)
Organic Rhubarb Tea Liquor - Fresh Squeezed Lemon - Ginger Simple Syrup - Strawberries

Hawaiian Island

  Rum Jumbie Coconut - Rum Jumbie Mango - Amaretto - Peach Schnapps - Pineapple - Grenadine

Pineapple Crush
  Bacardi Pineapple Fusion - Triple Sec - Pineapple Juice

Orange Crush
  Orange Vodka - Triple Sec - Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Mango Margarita
Jose Cuervo - Rum Jumbie Mango - Sours - Fresh Juices

Strawberry Swizzle

Bacardi Dragonberry Rum - Three Olives Whipped Cream Vodka - Cranberry - Sierra Mist - Strawberry


Naughty Rooster
Patron XO Cafe, Rumchata, Ice Cream Mix

The Classics

Strawberry Daiquiri
Banana Daiquiri
Pina Colada


Sweet White & Blush Wines
White Zinfandel | Bohemian Highway

White Wines
Pinot Grigio | Bohemian Highway
Chardonnay | Bohemian Highway

Red Wines
  Merlot | Bohemian Highway